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  We have expanded with our new dedicated site for ceiling cleaning.
 On-line customers may now find specific information on how to easily and safely clean plus brighten their textured acoustical ceilings, including the popcorn type, with our economical Spectrum Cleaner.

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Spectrum Ceiling Cleaner Does The Work For You

  Easily clean your dirty ceilings, including popcorn material and drop ceilings with our unique Spectrum Ceiling Cleaner formula!

 You mix equal parts of Spectrum Concentrate + Standard 3% Hydrogen Peroxide - add water to the formulation that will work best for your application, then lightly spray your ceiling using a clean garden type pump sprayer set to a fine mist - no special tools required. 

  Ceiling material absorbs our proprietary formula and cleans via the oxidization process - mixture chemically burns up the dirt, grease, and cigarette smoke, leaving your ceiling clean and white - our ceiling formula does the work.

 The Spectrum ceiling cleaner formulation both cleans and brightens your acoustical textured ceilings - material reverts to its original white color when dry.  There is no scrubbing  - popcorn ceiling material is not touched, nor will it release from the dry wall!

 Clean those dirty, greasy, cigarette smoke, or discolored textured ceilings in your home, apartment, or business this year:

  • Instruction pamphlet + ceiling cleaner formulations / dilutions included

  • Degrease your kitchen ceilings, fixtures, and appliances, with our formula

  • Clean and Brighten your Acoustical - Textured - Popcorn - Drop ceilings

  • Removes Cigarette Smoke - ceilings go from yellow to white again

  • Ceiling material is not touched - mixture oxidizes dirt - grease - smoke

  • Formula does the work for you - lightly spray mixture on your ceiling material

  • Economical:  Ceiling cleaner mixture costs you less than $4.50 per gallon

  • Popcorn ceiling material will not release from drywall when sprayed lightly

  • Do It Yourself - No special equipment or tools are required

  • Vary the ceiling formula strength for tough ceiling cleaning applications

  • Concentrate - A gallon makes 8 gallons of standard ceiling cleaner

  • Manufactured in the Kansas City MO

  • Secure Credit Card Ordering - Free Continental US Delivery - No hidden charges - click here - Complete Instructions Included.

  • Order By Mail - Save 5% With Mail Order Discount - click here

Spectrum Concentrate:  Simple + Economical Ceiling Cleaning

  • Easily Mix your ceiling cleaning solutions - full instructions included:

    • Hydrogen Peroxide is added to our concentrate for cleaning all types of ceilings, including Blown Textured Popcorn.  Customers rave about the results.

    • Clorox Bleach is safely mixed in with the concentrate for pre-treating tough black mold, *ceiling vent stains, exhaust carbon, water spots, and mildew areas.

  • Concentrate - A Gallon of Spectrum Cleaner makes 8 Gallons of heavy duty ceiling cleaner and will clean a minimum of 1,600 sq. feet of ceiling surface.

  • Economical:  Clean your room ceiling for less than $4.00!

 Spectrum's capabilities are unmatched!  Our industrial cleaner concentrate is totally biodegradable and safe to use around your home or business, plus is sold with a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee.

  *Ceiling vent black stains are very tough to remove - click the textured ceiling or drop ceiling page for additional information!

 We look forward to helping you solve your tough ceiling cleaning applications!  Contact us to find out how Spectrum can clean and whiten your ceilings.


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