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  DTW Innovative Solutions is a family owned company formed in 1992 with the dedicated idea of producing a safer biodegradable industrial cleaner concentrate that worked on a large spectrum of cleaning applications for homes and businesses. 

  Spectrum Industrial Cleaner, has been marketed locally, in Kansas City MO, to commercial - industrial accounts, for over 23 years.

  It has been offered nationwide, for over 16 years, through our secure OnLine site [], then shipped directly to your location for one low price - no hidden charges.  Demand for our ceiling cleaning capability has led us to create our dedicated ceiling site here.  This expanded site is focused on cleaning all types of ceilings, whether in the home or business.

  We are a Missouri Corporation - Number:  CC0366072.      Corporate Info

  Our product, Spectrum, is always sold with an iron clad 100% guarantee - no hassles.  Simply return unused portion to our address, listed on the Contact Page, for a full refund.

 While working on our business and brochures, we have created additional useful products and services for families and small businesses.  Complete directory for our web sites is listed on the left.  Each is linked to open in its own window.  Our My Own Estate software is designed to easily document your estate and financial information, plus document locations.  This product is unique, easy to use, and inexpensive!

  In creating our forms / brochures we discovered an easy way of converting documents to the Electronic PDF format whereby users can enter and save their data using the free Adobe Reader.  This led us to create our form conversion service located at Electronic PDF.  We are now able to offer electronic forms for Windows, MAC, iPAD, and Android tablets at very reasonable pricing.  



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