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Secure Ordering
  DTW Innovative Solutions, Inc. has been in business since 1992 and has been marketing Spectrum Industrial Cleaner on the web for 13 + years.   
 Customers can order On-Line and have it shipped to their door for one low price!

Expanded Web Sites + Upgrades

 January - 2014 -- Thanks to all of our customers, 2007 through 2013 have been record years for our Spectrum Cleaner!

We have grown again with this new and dedicated site for Spectrum ceiling cleaning mixture, giving on-line customers useful and specific information on safely cleaning and whitening their ceilings using our biodegradable cleaner concentrate.  On-line customers may securely order Spectrum Cleaner and have it shipped to their home for one low price - no hidden fees!  

Spectrum is now also listed in Buyers Index, allowing our unique product to reach hundreds of additional companies and individuals.

  We have also updated our www.sparkleclean.com main web site, which allows high volume users to purchase our product in Cases and 5 Gallon quantities.  With the ability to create 5 different type cleaners, your required cleaning supplies will be greatly reduced + more economical. 

  New PDF brochures have been created - On-Line customers can now download our Product Brochures and cleaning applications, including textured ceilings, directly to their computer, giving them extensive information and instructions.

  Google™ AdSense approved our sites and customers can now view links to related sites for additional information.

  New photos are being added, showing actual ceiling cleaning using Spectrum Ceiling Cleaner formulation.  The Drop Ceiling page shows the before and after of an office that is being cleaned.


On-Line Press Release For Immediate Distribution

Spectrum Industrial Cleaner Available Online

Create 5 Cleaners <> Purchase 1 Product

Developed and Manufactured in Kansas City MO

December 1, 2008 -- After selling directly to commercial - home - industrial markets in Kansas City, MO region for over 16 years and on the Internet for over 9 years, DTW Innovative Solutions, Inc. expands its presence, setting up a complete ceiling cleaning web site, including secure e-commerce, whereby consumers and companies from across the country, may purchase our safe multipurpose industrial cleaner and have it shipped to their location for one low price

 Because Spectrum is a concentrate and allows the creation of multiple type cleaning solutions, consumers save money + reduce the number of containers sitting around.  Spectrum continues to be sold with 100% money back guarantee to the end user - no hassle return.


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