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  Our industrial cleaner and degreaser concentrate is designed to be as complete a cleaner as possible - no other product offers its unique versatility.  Spectrum just works as promised - it is not a "Miracle Cleaner"!

  Our product is safe, biodegradable, non toxic, non flammable, non-corrosive.  A gallon will produce a minimum of 4 gallons of heavy duty cleaning and degreasing solution - reducing your costs. 

  Use it on most type surfaces - including fabrics, Fiberglas, acoustical textured or drop type ceilings, metal, painted materials, carpets, and vinyl.  

  You may safely and easily add the following components, creating additional high quality cleaners for your cleaning applications:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Acoustical textured (Popcorn) ceilings, painted ceilings, and all drop type ceilings

  • Household Bleach:  Mold, mildew, ceiling water stains, and disinfecting

  • White Vinegar:  Soap scum and Glass Cleaner

  This industrial cleaner contains multiple active cleaning agents, giving it expansive capabilities and versatility.  It is safe by OSHA standards and the USDA has approved it for use in food processing plants. You can safely use it indoors or outdoors, plus is stable in long term storage, including freezing.

  Only 4 - 8 ounces per quart is required for your tough jobs, including motor oil and grease.  Spectrum is not to be used straight, as with other so called concentrates on the market.  Commercial cleaning machinery will greatly reduce your dilution ratios.   

  Customers rave about their ceiling cleaning results - let us know how we can add you or your company to our growing list of satisfied users.

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