Textured Popcorn Ceiling Cleaning Made Easy

Popcorn Ceilings
No special tools are required to easily and safely clean your popcorn ceilings.  Use a clean spray bottle or garden type pump sprayer.  Lightly spray ceiling surface with fine mist - formula does the work - ceiling is not touched nor will it release from drywall, when used as directed in pamphlet.

Cleaning Popcorn Ceilings With Spectrum Concentrate - Just Spray It On

Our proprietary ceiling cleaner formula removes dirt and stains, including kitchen grease and cigarette smoke returning your ceilings to its original color.  You lightly spray the ceiling cleaning mixture on the surface and allow it to work.  Popcorn material absorbs this solution and the cleaning process works using oxidization - it burns up the dirt, grease, or cigarette smoke.  Textured blown popcorn ceilings are not touched nor will they release from drywall!

To create your textured ceiling cleaner, equal parts of our Spectrum Concentrate and regular 3% Hydrogen Peroxide are mixed + water is added for proper dilution.  This oxidizing formula is then lightly sprayed on popcorn material and  once dry, your ceiling looks new again - it is that simple!  This Spring, get your ceilings back in shape!

No special equipment is required - you can use a clean spray bottle or garden pump type sprayer to lightly apply our biodegradable ceiling formula.

Once finished, your ceiling will be Clean and Brighter - material goes back to original color. Since this mixture is an oxidizer, Safety Glasses must be worn when spraying overhead and kept away from windows, glass surfaces, and eye glasses. 

Orders include: Cleaning Tips, Mixing Guidelines, MSDS, and Sprayer Labels

 A Gallon of Spectrum concentrate will clean a minimum 1,600 sq. feet.  Here are just a few of its benefits and capabilities.            

*Download the Ceiling Brochure from our brochures page - Includes sq. ft. calculation. 

Key Features

  • Safe - Non Toxic - Non Flammable - Biodegradable Mixture

  • Spray on:  Dirt - kitchen grease - smoke - stains are removed

  • Do It Yourself - Simple - Easy - No Special Tools Required

  • Ceiling material is not touched - will not release from drywall

  • Works on your acoustical textured popcorn or painted ceilings

  • Economical: Mix Cleaner + Hydrogen Peroxide + Water = $4.00 Gallon

  • Concentrate: Spectrum 2 Liter makes Four Gallons of ceiling cleaner

Spectrum Textured Ceiling Cleaning Capabilities

Acoustical Popcorn and Textured Blown Ceilings

Test small area to check for chemical reaction prior to doing entire area.  Spectrum ceiling cleaner mixture should be sprayed lightly on surface, making sure it is uniformly covered - surface must not be saturated.  Wait 1 hour and your ceiling will be clean and brighter.  The ceiling cleaning formula is the key - you do not touch the surface, especially the blown acoustical popcorn type ceilings. 

 Kitchen grease - dirt - smoke are oxidized (burned up), leaving a clean and white ceiling when dry.  No time consuming masking of walls or molding is required - simply wipe off over spray.  A two page ceiling cleaning pamphlet is included with your order.  

Tough stains - Water spots - Soot stains

Spectrum is mixed with Clorox Bleach and water (mixing ratio included) - spray on stain to pre-treat - allow mixture to work 30 minutes, then spray on the heavy duty ceiling mixture and allow it to work.  This combined process also works on black stains surrounding heating ducts and carbon soot stains over gas stoves.

Ceiling Vents - Black Residue On Ceiling

 This is an extremely tough stain to remove! Spectrum is mixed with Clorox Bleach and water (mixing ratio included) - spray on stain to pre-treat - allow mixture to work 30 minutes, then spray on the heavy duty ceiling mixture and allow it to work. Repeat above procedure if necessary.  Note:  Heavily stained areas may not come out completely.

Organic stains

Product should be mixed heavy - spray on stain - agitate with brush, if necessary - allow mixture to work 1-2 minutes, then wipe off or wash as normal.  Works on grass, coffee stains, dried blood + lots more tough organic stains.


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